National Cancer Data Repository

The specification for the 2011 NCDR has been sent to Public Health England (PHE) Knowledge and Intelligence Teams (KITs) and Celtic Countries. A project plan is to be released shortly.

The 1990 - 2010 England NCDR Analysis Dataset brings together data from each England Cancer Registries for the period of 1990 to 2010.

The data consists of Tumour level records submitted to Office of National Statistics (ONS) by the England Cancer Registries together with a further sub-set of data covering additional data fields required for analysis purposes.

The NCDR is held in a central location and is accessible by each of the English cancer registries in line with NCIN's data access policies.  

The release notes are listed here to detail the process for updating the NCDR and any caveats concerning the data.  

The addition of Celtic Countries NCDR Analysis Dataset is also included.

The creation of the NCDR2010 is a joint project between the NCIN, UKACR and ONS.

Merged English Cancer Registry Data (1990 - 2010) and ONS Minimum Cancer Dataset (1990 - 2010)

Merged data from the eight English cancer registries covering the period 1990 to 2010. This dataset which provides details of cancer diagnoses and demographic information about cancer patients is found within the NCDR2010 release notes and Data Definition Document under the "Data File" section.

The 2010 NCDR build is based around the ONS Cancer Dataset with additional information coming from a merged dataset of cancer registry data. 

Hospital Episode Statistics (April 1990 - March 2010)

Data on inpatient and day case hospital episodes for patients with a diagnosis of cancer in the admitted patient Hospital Episodes Statistics database. This dataset provides information about diagnoses, operations,demographic, administrative details and has been matched to the ONS dataset.

National Clinical Audit Data

Data from the national bowel, lung, and head & neck cancer clinical audits. These data provide a range of detailed information on diagnosis and treatment of patients for specific cancers.

Clinical Practice Research Datalink

An indirect linkage between the NCDR and the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) also exists and applications for linked data may be made to CPRD. CPRD collects data from primary care practices throughout the UK. This linkage provides vital information on primary care that is not included in the other available datasets.